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Forest and Woodland Ecosystems Science Program
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  • Forest and Woodland Ecosystems Science Program
  • Southwest Forest Science Complex
  • 2500 South Pine Knoll
  • Flagstaff, AZ 86001-6381
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James B. Donley

Biological Science Lab Technician
United States

Phone: 208-882-3557

Current Research

I am involved in numerous research studies. My projects include collecting and isolating 10,000/12,000 Armillaria rhizomorph, bark-fan, rotten-wood, cap-tissue and single-spore samples from over 400 plots all over the western USA (over 17 years) in a huge study to help predict and manage this root-rot disease. My involements also include obtaining PCR-product from over 800 Armillaria isolates and editing over 1400 molecular-DNA-sequences thereof (over 6 years) adding this new technique providing crucial evidence into many parts of a huge study.

Last updated on : 05/08/2015