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Evaluation of Wildland Fire Chemicals
Standard Test Procedures (revised 11/20/06)

STP 1.2—Risk Assessment


The information that a supplier is required to provide about an evaluation product, on the formulation disclosure sheet, technical data sheet, and material safety data sheets (MSDS) is reviewed by the Project Leader for Fire Chemicals. If any ingredient or characteristic of a product or ingredient raises concern, either due to listing on the Extremely Hazardous Substances List or list of known or suspect carcinogens, or due to descriptions on the MSDS, a Risk Assessment may be required.

The Project Leader for Fire Chemicals, will send the supplier a letter notifying them of the need for additional information in the form of a Chemical Profile or Risk Assessment, the reasons for that additional work, and an estimate of the cost and time to perform the work. The supplier will be asked to either approve the additional work, at their expense, or the product evaluation will be cancelled.

Once supplier approval for the additional work has been received, the necessary documentation is then sent to an approved contractor to perform the work following established Forest Service guidelines. Results are sent back to the Forest Service.

The Project Leader for Fire Chemicals reviews the results with the Program Leader and prepares a letter to the supplier showing the performance of the submitted product. A copy of all reports is also provided to the supplier.


  1. Human Health Risk Assessments will use the exposure scenarios and methodology established in previous risk assessments performed for the Wildland Fire Chemical Unit.

  2. Ecological Risk Assessments will follow EPA guidelines and the methodology established in previous risk assessments performed for the Wildland Fire Chemical Unit.


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