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All wildland fire chemical products must be evaluated and qualified prior to use. Several documents together describe the process and requirements for evaluating and qualifying each product type.

  • The Manufacturer Submission Procedures for each product type explains how to submit and product and what information is required.

  • The Specification for each product type contains the classification and performance requirements and a brief description of the test methods to be used.

  • The Standard Test Procedures contain more detailed information for performing each of the required tests.

The test procedures will be revised as necessary to maintain current descriptions and incorporate changes due to specification revisions. A revision date will be included in the link to each procedure to allow users to determine when there have been updates to the procedures.

The list of web sites included for other references will be maintained and updated; however, other agencies and organizations may change their web addresses at any time.

If you discover an incorrect address in our list, please let us know by email to


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