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Wildland Fire Chemicals

Reporting of Fire Chemical Applications in Waterways and Mapped Avoidance Areas

  • Summary - Reporting and monitoring requirements by agency
    • 2012 Reporting & Monitoring Requirements Summary (.pdf)

  • Forest Service – Reporting and monitoring requirements guides and reporting tools
    • Getting Started with Wildland Fire Chemicals Misapplication Reporting System – Includes instructions for registering into the e-authentication system
    • Implementation Guide for Aerial Application of Fire Retardant
    • Wildland Fire Chemical Misapplication Reporting System and Interagency Reporting Tools (WFCMR)
      E-authentication is required to access the reporting system
    • Forest Wide Aerial Fire Retardant Avoidance Maps

  • Forest Service – Report misapplications and exceptions occurring during aerial or ground application of Class A foam or Water Enhancer (Gel) or ground application of Long-Term Retardant
  • Other Agency – Report all misapplications and exceptions occurring during any application of Long-Term Retardant, Class A foam or Water Enhancer (Gel)

  • For help with requirements on the reporting process or tools within the reporting system , please contact:


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