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Ecosystem Geography: From Ecoregions to Sites, 2d ed

Book Cover: Ecosystem Geography: From Ecoregions to Sites, 2nd edition

The first edition of this book (1996) explores the patterns of ecosystem distribution at multiple scales. It describes these patterns in terms of the mechanisms that cause them, and goes on to examine the connections between these patterns, conservation, and management. This second edition builds on the strengths of its predecessor, incorporating new information and clarifying concepts. New sections address how ecoregion boundaries were determined, ecoregion redistribution under climate change, more emphasis on ecosystem processes (such as fire regimes), and human modification to ecosystems, such as through the introduction of invasive species.

Bailey, Robert G. 2009. Ecosystem Geography: From Ecoregions to Sites, 2d ed. Springer-Verlag. New York, New York, 252 pp.. 113 illus. ISBN: 978-4419-0391-4

Ecoregion-Based Design for Sustainability

Book Cover: Ecoregion-Based Design for Sustainability

This richly illustrated volume completes Robert G. Bailey's celebrated study of ecoregions, begun in the landmark Ecosystem Geography (1996) and further articulated in Ecoregions (1998). In this third installment, the author expands his system for defining large-scale ecological zones to encompass principles of land management, regional planning, and design. In an engaging, nontechnical discussion, he shows how larger patterns and processes that characterize a region — its climate, topography, soils, vegetation, fauna, and human culture — provide essential keys to the sustainability of ecosystems.

Bailey, Robert G. 2002. Ecoregion-Based Design for Sustainability. Springer-Verlag. New York, New York. 240pp., 100 illus. ISBN: 0-387-95430-9

Ecoregions: The Ecosystem Geography of the Oceans and Continents

Book Cover: Ecosystem Geography of the Oceans and Continents

This book applies the principles described in Bailey's Ecosystem Geography to describe and characterize the major terrestrial and aquatic ecological zones of the Earth. Bailey's system for classifying these ecoregions has been adopted by major organizations such as the US Forest Service and The Nature Conservancy, and this book is a significant contribution to a long tradition of classifying and studying the world's ecological regions. It includes two color maps that show the major ecoregions of the continents and oceans.

Bailey, Robert G. 1998. Ecoregions: The Ecosystem Geography of the Oceans and the Continents. Springer-Verlag. New York, New York. 192pp., 107 illus., 10 tables. ISBN 0-387-98305-8