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Coram Research Natural Area

In 1938, 339 ha (838 ac) in the southeastern corner of Coram Experimental Forest were reserved as a natural area to preserve examples of late-successional western larch and interior Douglas-fir stands. Approximately 80 percent of the natural area is forested with 200+ year-old stands of mixed western larch and Douglas-fir. It was officially recognized as the Coram Research Natural Area (CRNA) in 1988.

In 1985, four long-term baseline monitoring plots were established within the CRNA; four additional plots were established in 1993. All plots were remeasured in 2014. Stand dynamics and photopoints were recorded at each plot. For a summary of results, see Elzinga and Shearer, 1997.

Vegetation types & location of permanent monitoring plots
Vegetation types & location of permanent monitoring plots