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Grassland, Shrubland, and Desert Ecosystems

Research Project


Great Basin Native Plant Selection and Increase Project



2007 Cooperator Presentations

Great Basin Native Plant Selection & Increase Project

Development of Native Plant Materials for the Great Basin Symposium.  Society for Range Management 60th Annual Meeting, Feb. 10-16, 2007, Reno, NV.


Affiliation Name Presentation Title
USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station -Boise N. Shaw, A. DeBolt, R. Cox Native Forbs and Restoration Technology for the Great Basin
USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station - Provo S. Jensen Projecting Production Costs: Are Some Species Cost Prohibitive and New Container Propagation Protocols for Lupinus, Agoseris, Astragalus
USDA Agricultural Research Service, Bee Biology & Systematics Laboratory J. Cane Plant Breeding Biology, Pollinator Fauna, and Pollinator Management
Utah Crop Improvement Association (lead author only) S. Young, R. Johnson, N. Shaw Accelerating Seed Production Applicable to Provisional Seed Zones in the Great Basin
Colorado State University Cooperative Extension, Tri-River Area B. Hammon Insects Affecting Collected Versus Field Grown Seed
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, Aberdeen Plant Materials Center D. Tilley, L. St. John, D. Ogle Aberdeen PMC Report of Activities 2006: Great Basin Native Plant Selection and Increase Project
USDA Agricultural Research Service, Forage and Range Research Laboratory T. Jones, S. Larson, T. Monaco, M. Peel, D. Johnson Native Grass Genetics, Ecophysiology, Plant Materials Development, and Seed Increase
USDA Agricultural Research Service, Forage and Range Research Laboratory D. Johnson, K. Bhattarai, T. Jones, S. Bushman North American Legumes for Rangeland Restoration, Conservation, and Forage Production in the Western U.S.
Brigham Young University A. Hulet, B. Roundy, B. Jessop, J. Coleman Diversification of Crested Wheatgrass Stands in Utah
Brigham Young University J. Coleman, B. Roundy, B. Jessop Prediction of Field Germination Using a Wet Thermal Accumulation Model
USDA Agricultural Research Service, Western Regional Plant Introduction Station R.C. Johnson, B. Hellier, M. Cashman, B. St. Clair, N. Shaw, V. Erickson, P. Olwell Uncovering Adapted Germplasm for the Great Basin: Tapertip Onion and Friends
Oregon State University, Malheur Experiment Station C. Shock, E. Feibert, M. Saunders, J. Ishida, C. Ransom Cultural Practices for Native Forb Seed Production

Balsamhorriza sagitattasagebrush habitat firerangeland drill seedingNevada Basin Range

Melissa harvesting seedMatt cleaning EriogonumCrepis acuminata seedflax and yarrow fields at Geertson's

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