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Hill, Brian H.; Kolka, Randall K.; McCormick, Frank H.; Starry, Matthew A. 2014. A synoptic survey of ecosystem services from headwater catchments in the United States. Ecosystem Services. 7: 106-115.


Holsinger, L., R. Keane, D. Isaak, L. Eby, M. Young. 2014. Relative effects of climate change and wildfires on stream temperatures: a simulation modeling approach in a Rocky Mountain watershed. Climatic Change. DOI 10.1007/s10584-014-1092-5.


Isaak, Daniel J.; Peterson, Erin E.; Ver Hoef, Jay M.; Wenger, Seth J.; Falke, Jeffrey A.; Torgersen, Christian E.; Sowder, Colin; Steel, E. Ashley; Fortin, Marie-Josee; Jordan, Chris E.; Ruesch, Aaron S.; Som, Nicholas; Monestiez, Pascal. 2014. Applications of spatial statistical network models to stream data. WIREs Water. doi: 10.1002/wat2.1023.


Lemoine, Michael; Young, Michael K.; McKelvey, Kevin S.; Eby, Lisa; Pilgrim, Kristine L.; Schwartz, Michael K. 2014. Cottus schitsuumsh, a new species of sculpin (Scorpaeniformes: Cottidae) in the Columbia River basin, Idaho-Montana, USA. Zootaxa. 3755(3): 241-258.


Wang, Li; Wu, Joan Q.; Elliot, William J.; Feidler, Fritz R.; Lapin, Sergey. 2014. Linear diffusion-wave channel routing using a discrete Hayami convolution method. Journal of Hydrology. 509: 282-294.






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Related website: Multiple Regression Stream Temperature Model -  with data, maps, methods and related publications

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Related website: Spatial Statistical Stream Temperature Model -  with data, maps, methods and related presentations and publications

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