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 River Bathymetry Toolkit (RBT) introduction


River Bathymetry Toolkit (RBT) Introduction

Traditional techniques for describing and understanding aquatic physical habitat in streams have focused on manual measurements of channel topography. New remote sensing techniques, such as airborne water-penetrating Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) and boat-mounted acoustic sensors can produce highly accurate Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) with continuous coverage of long segments of channels and stream networks. The US Forest Service and ESSA Technologies have developed a suite of GIS tools, the River Bathymetry Toolkit (RBT), for processing high resolution DEMs of channels. Our goal is to characterize in-stream and floodplain geomorphology to support aquatic habitat analyses and numerical models of flow and sediment transport. The (RBT) is available for free and is under active development (more).


River Bathymetry Toolkit (RBT) Publications


River Bathymetry Toolkit (RBT) Briefing Paper

Briefing Paper

River Bathymetry Toolkit (RBT) - NASA EAARL LiDAR Sensor


LiDAR Sensor


River Bathymetry Toolkit (RBT) Download




Download RBT

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River Bathymetry Toolkit (RBT) Help




RBT Help


River Bathymetry Toolkit (RBT) Sample Data




Sample Data


River Bathymetry Toolkit (RBT) Training Workbook Cover Page





RBT Reviews



RBT Reviews

When referencing the RBT in publications, please use the following citation:


McKean, J., Nagel, D., Tonina, D., Bailey, P., Wright, C.W., Bohn, C., Nayegandhi, A., 2009. Remote sensing of channels and riparian zones with a narrow-beam aquatic-terrestrial lidar. Remote Sensing 1 (4) 1065-1096.




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