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Biogeochemistry: awae research subject areas

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Biogeochemistry is the scientific study of the processes and reactions (chemical, physical, geological, biological) which control the composition of the natural environment. It also looks at the cycles of matter and energy that transfer the Earth’s chemical components in time and space.


Aquatic biogeochemistry (carbon storage and flux; nitrogen cycling, and retention) have been studied in manipulated and control catchments, providing a greater understanding of the processes that control stream-water quality with the Air, Water and Aquatic Environments Program.

Scientists (profile pages)


bulletChuck Rhoades



bulletKate Dwire

bulletKelly Elder

bulletRobert Hubbard

bulletMichael Young


Associated Subjects

bulletAquatic Ecology

bulletAtmospheric Sciences

bulletClimate Change

bulletWater & Watershed Processes

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Recent Publications


Nelson, Monique LaPerriere; Rhoades, Charles C.; Dwire, Kathleen A. 2011. Influence of bedrock geology on water chemistry of slope wetlands and headwater streams in the southern Rocky Mountains. Wetlands. 31: 251-261.

Rhoades, C.C.; Entwistle, D; Butler, D. Short-term and persistent changes in streamwater after Colorado’s Hayman Fire. International Journal of Wildfire Science. 20: 430-442.

Rhoades, C.C.; K. Elder, and E. Green. 2010. The influence of a dust event on snow chemistry in the Southern Rockies. Arctic, Alpine and Antarctic Research 42: 98-105.

Rhoades, C.C., D. Binkley, H. Oskarsson, & R. Stottlemyer 2008. Soil Nitrogen Accretion along a Floodplain Terrace Chronosequence in Northwest Alaska: Influence of the N-fixing shrub Shepherdia canadensis. Ecoscience 15(2):223-230.


Rhoades, C.C. 2007. Influence of American chestnut (Castanea dentata) on chemistry and nitrogen availability of fine and coarse-texture soils. Pedobiologia 50:553-562.


Research Subject Areas




bulletAquatic Ecology

bulletAtmospheric Sciences


bulletClimate Change




Fire & Fuels








Plant Physiology

bulletSediment & Erosion

bulletSpatial Analysis

bulletWater & Watershed Processes




Biogeochemistry Lab


Stream Temperature Modeling Website

River Bathymetry Toolkit (RBT)


Bull Trout and Climate Change - Risks, Uncertainties and Opportunities for Mapping the Future




Western Watersheds and Climate Change Workshop - November 17-19, 2009


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