Shelley Spalding

US Fish & Wildlife Service

Abstract: West Cascades Bull Trout: An Overview and Update Shelley Spalding Bull trout west of the Cascade Range are unique among populations throughout the United States in that they exhibit the full suite of life history types for the species. Although not all populations exhibit all life history types, these types can include resident, fluvial, adfluvial, and anadromous. This life history variability is important for maintaining biodiversity and resilience to habitat changes, whether from fragmentation due to dams or from altered stream flows due to climate change. This presentation will present an update/overview of bull trout in this region, including summarizing recent studies describing the temporal and spatial variability in movement at different life history stages, strategies for recovery of populations, changes in status and threats, and information and research needs.

Video Length: 17 Minutes, 42 Seconds

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West Cascades Bull Trout: An Overview and Update