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About the Rocky Mountain Research Station

AWAE Program Headquarters
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Rocky Mountain Research Station Headquarters

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AWAE Science Program Research Field Units


Watershed and Riparian Ecosystems of Forests and Woodlands in the Semi Arid West: 


Flagstaff Forestry Sciences Lab

Flagstaff FSL


Thank you for your interest in the Southwest Science Team of the Air, Water and Aquatic Environments (AWAE) Program of the Rocky Mountain Research Station-Flagstaff, USDA-Forest Service.


The mission of our Science Team is to create, develop, and apply knowledge on fluvial, geomorphologic, hydrologic, edaphic, biologic, and ecologic functions, processes, and dynamics needed to sustain watershed integrity and diverse, healthy, and productive biotic populations within watersheds and riparian ecosystems of forests and woodlands in the semi-arid states of the interior western United States and Mexico.


The research approach used by our team members emphasizes field-oriented studies, replicated in time and space. Our goal is to develop and deliver critical science information to resource managers and practitioners that will facilitate formulation of strategies, guidelines and plans to sustain ecosystem and watershed function.





The website "Managing Arid and Semi-Arid Watersheds" provides a plethora of information on experimental watersheds in Arizona, including historic flow data, GIS maps and general description.


Southwest Science Team Members

Daniel Neary, Team Leader; Research Soil Scientist


Jackson Leonard, Fire Ecologist






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