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Verde River Research and Development Program



The Southwest Watershed Team of the Rocky Mountain Station's Air, Water and Aquatic Environments (AWAE) Science Program has been involved in research on the Upper Verde River since 1993.

Upper Verde River, AZ. Photo by Malchus Baker.

The Team's predecessor, Research Work Unit RMRS-4302, Watersheds and Riparian Ecosystems of Forests and Woodlands in the Semi-Arid West, has conducted research of fish populations, riparian vegetation, channel geomorphology, invasive aquatic and plant species, and stream flows. This work has resulted in over 62 publications (see Verde River bibliography) and one of the most comprehensive riparian databases in any of the National Forests in the Southwest. The Station has invested over $4 million since 1993 in developing comprehensive information about hydrology and ecology of Upper Verde River. Part of the Station's database in an extensive photo collection of on-going work and legacy photography.


Working with its cooperators in the Upper Verde River Adaptive Management Partnership (UVRAMP), the Team has been able to provide up-to-date science to help guide the Prescott National Forest's land management decisions. This has been very valuable to the Forest in terms of foregone appeals and litigation, saving the Forest over $5 million. UVRAMP currently consists of the Prescott National Forest, the Rocky Mountain Research Station, and several grazing permittees from allotments along the river. Future expansion is bringing the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Arizona Game and Fish Department into the partnership. The partnership is open to any organization or agency interested in furthering the understanding of the Verde River ecosystem.


The objective of the Team's research has been the understanding of the physical, chemical and biological influences affecting the native fauna and flora of this important river ecosystem. Current projects include the on-going 7-site fish monitoring, aquatic non-native predator removal, invasive plant control and removal.


The Verde River Bibliography currently consists of the publications produced by the Rocky Mountain Research Station. Publications originating from other entities such as the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and State of Arizona Universities are being assembled and will form the second part of the bibliography.


Verde River Publications - Air, Water and Aquatic Environments (AWAE): Southwest Science Team

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