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Alice M. McSweeney

a.mcsweeneySocial Science Analyst


M.S., Range Science, New Mexico State University, 1995
B.S., Agriculture, New Mexico State University, 1990


Alice's early interest in natural history and ranching, developed in part from working on her family's guest ranch in northern New Mexico, led to studies in range ecology, botany, and public land policy. As a work-study student with the New Mexico Department of Agriculture, she became interested in the challenges facing permittee ranchers on public lands. Her master's thesis was entitled Views on Land and Nature: Conversations with Northern New Mexico Ranchers.

Current Research

Alice is involved in an ongoing study of the sociocultural and economic roles and importance of ranching among grazing permittees on the Santa Fe and Carson National Forests. She collects her data by means of personal interviews and a questionnaire. She also collects data on public knowledge, beliefs, attitudes, and practices related to fire use and fuels management in Southwestern ecosystems. She examines factors contributing to successful public involvement approaches for fire and fuel management planning.


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