Stewardship Contracting Training

This web page includes information and links to help you find Stewardship Contracting training.

  • A Tool with an Attitude: The philosophy of stewardship end-result contracting (.ppt, 19.9 MB) - a Stewardship Philosophy Training PowerPoint presentation (Version 1, February 11, 2009).
  • Stewardship Agreements and Contracts: Important Tools for Accelerated Restoration - this is a recording of a webinar hosted by the Forest Service Forest Management staff and the National Forest Foundation.  This webinar focuses on the differences between stewardship contracts and stewardship agreements, covers basic information on stewardship agreements, and features two presentations from partner organizations on their experiences with stewardship agreements.
  • Stewardship Contracting: Overview, Updates, and Examples - this is a recording of a webinar hosted by the Forest Service Forest Management staff and the National Forest Foundation. This webinar provided an overview of the stewardship authority and the different mechanisms available to use as well as the processes o develop integrated resource timber contracts (ITRCs) and integrated resource service contracts (IRSCs)

Stewardship Contracting Computer-Based Tutorial

The Stewardship Contracting Tutorial is now available. This self-paced computer-based tutorial is a useful tool for the student to use prior to formal classroom training or as a review after a training session. It is comprehensive in scope and allows the student to study as many or as few modules as desired

Download both parts to your PC desktop and double-click the icon for each part to install.

Stewardship Contracting Preparation and Administration Classroom Training

The Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and supporting documents listed below are intended for classroom training. Some include additional documents used for hyperlinks within the presentation. The first link, Stewardship Training Package.doc (30 KB), provides a list of the files included in each package. Download and extract all files into the same directory.

NOTE: The links below are to files in Microsoft Word (.doc), PowerPoint (.ppt), and self-extracting (.exe) file formats. The self-extracting files may be opened by downloading the files to a Windows PC and opening them to extract the files' contents . The self-extracting files contain files in Adobe Acrobat PDF; Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Word; and HTML formats. Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader; Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Word; a web browser; or, similar software capable of opening these file formats is required.