CFLR Program Frequently Asked Questions


How are actions proposed on other federal lands (e.g. BIA, BLM) or other government or private ownerships within or adjacent to a FLRA project considered?


Sec. 4003 (b) (1) (B) (ii) allows lands managed under other jurisdictions to be included in the landscape to be restored. Sec. 4003 (b) (5) requires an estimate of the annual federal funding and new non-federal investment. Other federal agencies funding would be included in the estimate and non-federal agencies and tribes would provide non-federal investment used to calculate the non-CFLRF contributions. Sec. 4003 (c) (3) (B) requires the appropriate USDI official to include a plan to fund any actions proposed under his/her jurisdiction. Sec 4003 (c) (3) (C) requires the Regional Forester to provide evidence that other land owners will participate if actions are contemplated that are not under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of Agriculture or Secretary of Interior. Proposed actions on non-NFS lands are considered in evaluating the proposals. Proposed treatments on other lands may help demonstrate the strength of the collaborative process, the ability to reduce long-term wildfire management costs, and other goals of the CFLRA.

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