CFLR Program Frequently Asked Questions


How will CFLRF projects be evaluated?


Sec. 4003 (d) (2) requires the use of six criteria, but allows additional criteria. The advisory committee may decide to use additional criteria and how to weigh each criterion. The six required criteria are:

  1. The strength of the landscape restoration proposal and strategy.
  2. The strength of the ecological case of the proposal for landscape restoration and the proposed ecological restoration strategies.
  3. The strength of the collaborative process and the likelihood of successful collaboration throughout implementation.
  4. Whether the proposal is likely to achieve reductions in long-term wildfire management costs.
  5. Whether the proposal would reduce the relative costs of carrying out treatments as a result of the use of woody biomass and small-diameter trees.
  6. Whether an appropriate level of non-federal investment would be leveraged in carrying out the proposal.

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