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Popular Topics

The Forest Service supports projects, tools, and partnerships that advance work in key research areas.

link to Urban Forest Assessments

Urban Forest Assessments

Forest Service R&D assesses the state of the Nationís forests through satellite technology in combination with field sampling, providing information on urban tree canopy distribution, species composition and health, and urban tree benefits.

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link to Decision Tools

Decision Tools

Forest Service R&D develops education and decision tools to support urban natural resources stewardship and green infrastructure planning.

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link to Environmental Justice

Environmental Justice

The Forest Service is working with cities and conservation partners to address environmental justice issues affecting urban communities throughout the United States.

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link to Urban Wildlife

Urban Wildlife

The Forest Service delivers science that supports native wildlife habitat and healthy wildlife populations in urban areas.

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link to Baltimore Wood Project

Baltimore Wood Project

The Forest Service is helping the City of Baltimore rebuild and revitalize distressed neighborhoods using an abundant, renewable resource – wood.

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