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Indicator 4.18: Management activities that meet best management practices to protect soils

An indicator for Criterion 4: Conservation and Maintenance of Soil and Water Resources

What is the indicator and why is it important?

Forestry best management practices (BMPs) to protect soil resources are a set of preventive measures designed to control soil erosion caused by forest management activities. They are designed not only to avoid excessive loss of productive soils from the landscape but also to protect receiving water bodies from excess sediment loads from accelerated erosion.

What does the indicator show?

Indicator 4.18 is closely related to Indicator 4.20. Protection of soil resources leads to protection of water resources. The best way to protect water bodies from excess sedimentation is to protect the soil resource from excess loss via accelerated erosion caused by unsound forest management. Because BMPs were developed and are used to protect water resources, an assessment of BMPs to protect water resources automatically provides an assessment for protecting soil resources. Therefore, this indicator is reported under Indicator 4.20: Proportion of forest management activities that meet best management practices, or other relevant legislation, to protect water related resources such as riparian zones, water quality, quantity, and flow regulation.

What has changed since 2003?

This indicator did not exist in the 2003 report.

Are there important regional differences?

See the brief for Indicator 4.20.

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