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Wei M. Hao

Supervisory Research Chemist
5775 US West Highway 10
United States

Phone: 406-329-4838
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Current Research

My current research projects extend on past accomplishments, one of which was developing the spatial (1 km x 1 km) distribution of daily emissions of atmospheric pollutants and greenhouse gases from fires in North America from 2001 to 2008. My research also involves comparing the fire emission sources with the industrial sources for greenhouse gases and air pollutants seasonally and annually in different regions of North America. I also developed the air quality forecasting model, WRF-Smoke Dispersion Model, to quantify the atmospheric pollutant concentrations downwind from large fires. My work also involves studying the smoke plume dynamics and the optical properties of smoke particles using the most advanced scanning lidar.

Research Interests

Atmospheric chemistry, climate change, air pollution, fire and associated trace gas and aerosol emissions, Interaction of climate-landscape-fire-emissions

Past Research

The research is important in understanding the impact of fires on air pollution, public health, and climate.

Why This Research is Important

I conducted research on emissions of trace gases and aerosols from fossil fuel combustion and soils.


  • Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan, B.S. Chemistry 1976
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, M.S. Geochemistry 1981
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, M.S. Toxicology 1981
  • Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, Ph.D. Atmospheric chemistry 1986

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