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Susan Stevens Hummel

Research Forester
Portland Forestry Sciences Lab
620 SW Main Street, Suite 400
United States

Phone: 503-808-2084
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Current Research

My general focus is how landscape and human ecology can expand silviculture at both the general and site-specific levels. Current research is on developing methods that draw from the ecological and social sciences to advance knowledge of forest dynamics.

Research Interests

My research aims to evaluate different methods for collecting data about forested landscapes, specifically on how a combination of traditional, local, and scientific ecological knowledge can inform silvicultural decisions. Because silviculture is the most visible tool used to manage a forest for a desired use, whether for recreation or for sustaining cultural and natural history, I also identify and innovate ways this research can be shared with the public.

Past Research

Previous research has focused on furthering our understanding about forest structure and composition through traditional field work and through the use of remote sensing technologies, such as LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging).LIDAR promises to be a cost-effective method of collecting forest metrics, such as tree height and stand basal area. Research shows that there are economies of scale yet to be realized by combining field work (fine scale) with remote sensing (broad scale) to inventory, monitor, and manage forest resources. My ability to be in the field was limited in recent years but a service dog is now expanding the range of situations in which I can work.

Why This Research is Important

Land managers rely on general ecological and social science knowledge supplemented by site-specific information to make decisions. By blending a variety of knowledge types with technological innovation my research is identifying new ways such knowledge may be acquired and used.


  • Oregon State University, Ph.D. Forest Resources 1997
  • University of Oregon, M.A. International Studies 1988
  • Georgetown University, B.A. Finance 1984

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Research Highlights


Beargrass, Long Treasured by Native Americans, Faces Pressure from the Commercial Floral Industry

Leaf harvest by the floral industry is causing shifts in disturbance within beargrass habitat.


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