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Robert C. Seli Jr

Fire Technology Transfer Specialist
408 Clayton
Missoula, MT 59859
Phone: 406-826-4330

Current Research

I am currently operating and developing the Wildland Fire Decision Support System (WFDSS). WFDSS is a web application which provides a variety of information and analysis products to fire managers making real time strategic decisions on wildfires.

Research Interests

Fire behavior modeling using high preformance computing, information management and delivery, fuels treatment planning.

Past Research

WFDSS breaks some important ground in technology transfer. First, the data needed to utilize the analysis models is preloaded into the application, so the users focus on the tools/models not rounding up the data. This reduces the user effort to use the tools by about 80%. Second, the tools/models are linked together so the user doesn't have to figure out how to transfer outputs from one tool to another. Third, these speed improvements allow users to utilize science based risk management principles for decision making in the fast paced wildfire environment.

Why This Research is Important

Landscape scale fuel treatment planning and effectiveness.


  • North Carolina State University, BS Forestry, 1975

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