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Paul Hennon

Research Plant Pathologist
United States

Phone: 907-586-8769
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Current Research

  • Ecology and management of forest diseases in coastal Alaska
  • Management of hemlock dwarf mistletoe and stem decays (heart rots) to desirable levels
  • Decomposition and carbon budgets
  • Cause of yellow-cedar decline
  • Adaptation opportunities for tree species affected by climate

Research Interests

  • Ecosystem effects of forest diseases
  • Ecology and management of yellow-cedar
  • Linking science with tradional ecological knowledge

Past Research

  • Animal damage to forest trees
  • Foliar pathogens of conifers
  • Regeneration issues of yellow-cedar
  • Wood values in dead yellow-cedar
  • Epidemiology and population dynamics in yellow-cedar forests

Why This Research is Important

Forest pathology is a small but essential scientific discipline that covers the diseases and abiotic injuries to forest trees. Early in its history, pathology research focused almost exculsively on economic issues in forests related to timber values, such as losses in growth, cull, and mortality. Those needs continue, but pathology research must now deliver knowledge about the roles of forest diseases in a number of ecosystem functions. Stress on forests from climate change has elevated the need for investigations into the cause of various forest problems -- to sort out those that have climate origins, and to help develop adaptive strategies.


  • Botany and Plant Pathology, Oregon State University, Ph.D. Forest Pathology, Hansen Lab 1996

Professional Experience

  • Research Plant Pathologist, PNW Research and Forest Health Protection (R10)
    1986 - Current

Professional Organizations

  • American Phytopathological Society, Member (1986 - Current)
  • Northwest Science, Member (1986 - Current)
  • Mycological Society of America (MSA), Member (1984 - Current)

Awards & Recognition

  • Dave F. Thomas, Technology Transfer Award, 2011
    National award, recognized for customer service in forest health protection.
  • Alaska Region, Silviculturist of the Year, 2010
    Given by forest management peers
  • Outstanding Achievement Award, 2010
    Western International Forest Disease Work Conference Award

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Research Highlights


Scientists Find Cause of Yellow-cedar Death in Alaska's Coastal Forests

Absence of snow to protect shallow roots results in roots freezing and extensive tree death


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