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Nancy Grulke

Nancy E. Grulke

Director, WWETAC
3160 NE Third St, PO Box 490
3160 NE 3rd Street
United States

Phone: 541-416-6583
Fax: 503-416-6693
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Current Research

Development of a remote detection system for canopy health attributes and tree species identification using high resolution, multispectral imagery (cooperators: PJ Riggan; H Maffei)

Identifying the threshold of physiological drought stress that permits susceptibility to bark beetle in Jeffrey pine (cooperators: SJ Seybold; A Graves)

Long term plant community succession in arctic tundra (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge) and subalpine forests (Niwot Ridge, CO)

Research Interests

Understanding environmental tipping points that affect multiple trophic levels, such as:

linkages between air pollution, drought, and increased forest susceptibility to wildfire

linkages between drought, stand density, physiological tree drought stress, and level of bark beetle attack

Understanding environmental stressors (drought, elevated O3 exposure) and growth enhancers (CO2 enrichment, N deposition) on plant carbon and water balance.

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