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Nancy Gillette

Nancy E. Gillette

Research Entomologist Emeritus
800 Buchanan Street
United States

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Current Research

My current research program has several components. One of them is to investigate the impact intensive management (organic matter manipulation, soil compaction, fertilization, pesticide application, fire) on soil invertebrate assemblages. I am also working to develop pheromone-based technologies, such as pheromone-releasing flakes or microcapsules, for area-wide control of forest insect pests, especially western bark beetles. I am also involved in several invasive species issues, as well as several studies using molecular methods to resolve refractory taxonomic issues with forest insect pests.

Current Studies
  • Development of pheromone-releasing flakes for area-wide control of bark beetles.
  • Development of aerial application systems for mating disruption of Lepidopteran pests.
  • Effects of thinning and prescribed burning on forest soil invertebrates.
  • Impact of fertilizer and pesticide treatments on forest soil invertebrates.
  • Molecular phylogeny of Conophthorus spp. cone beetles.
  • Population genetics of edaphic arthropods.
  • Development of methods to control invasive Dendroctonus valens in China (advisor to Chinese Academy of Sciences/Forestry)
  • Development of methods to control bark beetles in Mexico (coordination of work with Mexican universities and government research institutes).

Research Interests

In the future, I will be collaborating with colleagues from the United States, China, and South Africa to document the types and relatedness of fungal pathogens that are carried by bark beetles. This work will allow scientists to identify new fungal strains carried by native and exotic beetles.


  • University of California, Ph.D. Forest Entomology 1987
  • University of California, B.A. Fine Arts 1969

Professional Experience

  • Arthropod Taxa Expert for Northwest Forest Plan,
    1997 - Present
  • Interagency Liaison - biopesticides, USDA Forest Service-EPA
    1996 -
  • Research Entomologist, PSW Station
    1991 - Present
  • Post-doctoral Fellow, Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique, Orleans, France
    1989 -

Professional Organizations

  • Entomological Society of America, Member
  • Entomological Society of Canada, Member
  • International Society of Chemical Ecology, Member


Research Highlights


Beetle Pheromones Save Endangered Pines From Bark Beetles

High-elevation pines protected by turning beetles' own pheromones against them


Novel fungal genotypes drive the success of an invasive bark beetle/fungus complex

In the mid-1980s, the red turpentine beetle was inadvertently sent from the U.S. Pacific Northwest to China, where it acquired novel fungal symb ...


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