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Marty Vavra

Supervisory Rangeland Scientist; Starkey Ungulate Ecology Team Leader
La Grande
United States

Phone: 541-962-6561
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Current Research

My current research deals with the influence of ungulate browsing on ecosystem patterns and processes, with an emphasis on browsing as a chronic disturbance that interacts with episodic disturbances, such as wildfire and fuels management. I also am exploring sustainable livestock grazing systems and the interactions of domestic and wild ungulates.

Research Interests

Effects of ungulates on the processes, structure, and composition of plant communities and ecosystems; post-disturbance plant succession; nutritional ecology of ungulates; livestock/wildlife relationships; ungulate behavior; livestock grazing management; influences of forest and range management practices on ungulates.

Past Research

My past work has identified the seasonally changing nutritional value of ungulate diets, evaluated grazing systems for sustainable livestock production, and explored the dietary overlap among ungulates living in the same geographic area.

Why This Research is Important

Seasonal nutritional value of ungulate diets is important in identifying limiting factors in wild and domestic ungulate production. This knowledge is critical in sustainable grazing system design so that grazing is economically viable while critical ecosystem services´┐Żlike water quality and biodiversity´┐Żare preserved. Dietary overlap among ungulates living in the same area is a critical component in the development of forage allocation models, which inform managers by estimating sustainable animal numbers on landscapes.


  • University of Wyoming, Ph.D. Animal Nutrition/Ecology 1972
  • University of Arizona, M.S. Animal Science 1969
  • University of Arizona, B.S. Animal Science 1966

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