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Michael T. Thompson

507 25th Street
United States

Phone: 801-625-5674
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Current Research

My current work focuses on using features of Forest Inventory and Analysis's (FIA) annual forest inventory to moniter trends in conifer mortality in the Interior West region.

Research Interests

To develop tools and models that will provide more accurate and relevant estimates of forest growth, mortality, and removals from measurements on Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) plots.* Develop diameter and height growth models that are compatible with the National Information Management System (NIMS) compilation standards for the Interior West region.* Test estimates of growth, mortality, and removals under the current annual inventory system and compare them against estimates from the past (legacy) system in the Interior West region.

Past Research

Accurate and timely estimates of forest change attributes such astree growth and mortality are needed to predict the potentialeffects of future global environmental changes (e.g. climate,land use, disturbance, and forest harvesting) on the sustainability of forest ecosystems.

Why This Research is Important

* Comparison of different forest change estimates from remeasured variable-radius plots.* Analysis of privately-owned forested tracts and the effect of tract-size on the probability of forest harvesting.* Analysis of hurricane damaged areas usinginterim Forest Inventory and Analysis's (FIA)inventories.* Testing Forest Inventory and Analysis's estimation process using an updated information management system.


  • North Carolina State University, B.S. Forestry 1978

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