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Mac Callaham

Team Leader/Research Ecologist
320 Green Street
Athens, GA 30602-2044
Phone: 706-559-4321
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Current Research

I am interested in ecosystem and community level responses of southern forests to management practices such as prescribed fire and mechanical thinning. I am particularly interested in how carbon and nitrogen dynamics are affected by these practices. Also of interest are the responses of invertebrate communities (e.g. earthworms, herbivorous insects, etc.) these land management practices, and how changes in invertebrate assemblages may lead to changes in other components of forest systems (e.g. nutrient relationships, plant-herbivore relationships).


  • Kansas State University, Ph.D. Biology,
  • University of Georgia, M.S. Agronomy,
  • University of Georgia, B.S. Zoology,
  • University of Georgia, B.A. English,

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Short-circuiting an Invasional Meltdown

Chinese privet is an invasive plant species in flood plain forests of the southeastern U.S., in some cases occupying up to 80 percent of availab ...


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