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Jock A. Blackard

United States

Phone: 801-625-5393
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Current Research

My work involves supporting the use of GIS and RS applications to analyze Forest Inventory & Analysis (FIA) data, and to develop prediction models to estimate forest stand characteristics of interest across various states or regions. I also assist in fielding spatial data requests involving FIA data from a wide variety of users.

Research Interests

My research interests include exploring geospatial science approaches to improve or complement existing techniques for obtaining or analyzing forest inventory data.

Past Research

FIA summary data has traditionally been presented in tabular form. Over the past few decades though, geospatial techniques have become more commonplace and standardized in many natural resources applications. By incorporating geospatial sciences (GIS, Remote Sensing, GPS), FIA data can be summarized in geospatial formats, which can typically display spatial trends in data more readily than shown in tabular form. Having modeled FIA data presented as GIS layers also increases the user-base and utility of FIA data, since an increasing number of researchers and analysts will incorporate geospatial tools and techniques in their work.

Why This Research is Important

Assisted in development of the FIA National Forest Biomass map product, which was created using FIA data modeled against a wide variety of geospatial layers.


  • Stephen F. Austin State University, Texas, Forest Management , 1984
  • Stephen F. Austin State University, Texas, Forest Biometrics , 1986
  • Colorado State University, Forest Sciences (specialize in GIS/RS applications) , 1998

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