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Harry Valentine

Research Forester
271 Mast Road
New Hampshire
United States

Phone: 603-868-7671
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Current Research

I pursue lines of research in forest modeling and forest sampling. Under the modeling line, I am currently investigating how patterns of co-allocation of carbon and nitrogen within trees affect the net primary productivity of forest stands. My goal is to gain a fundamental understanding of the biological processes, environmental contraints, and resource limitations that govern forest stand dynamics. Under the sampling line, I am investigating Monte Carlo approaches to sampling the carbon components of the forest with randomly placed lines and points. The objective is the advancement of sampling strategies that not only provide accurate and unbiased estimates of carbon stocks and their rates of change, but also are easy to use in the field. Research in both lines is conducted with the aid of colleagues.

Research Interests

The two lines of research will evolve with incremental advances and, with luck, the occasional quantum leap.

Why This Research is Important

Our ability to answer pressing questions about the cycling of carbon through forests suffers from a lack of applicable theory, models, and methodology.


  • Rutgers University, College of Agriculture and Environmental Science, B.S. 1970
  • Yale University, School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, M.F. 1972
  • Yale University, Graduate School, Ph.D. 1982

Professional Experience

  • Research Forester, Northern Research Station
    2006 - Current
    Research in forest sampling and theory for forest modeling.
  • Research Forester, Northeastern Forest Experiment Station
    1973 - 2006
    Research in gypsy moth population dynamics, beech bark disease, forest sampling and modeling
  • Guest Research Scholar, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Laxenburg, Austria
    1987 - 1987
    Research in theory for forest modeling.

Professional Organizations

  • Society of American Foresters
  • School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, Yale University, Research Affiliate

Awards & Recognition

  • Distinguished Science Award, 2007
    Presented by the Northern Research Station.
  • Award in Forest Science, 2004
    Presented by the Society of American Foresters for distinguished research in quantitative science.

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