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Hugo A. Magana

Research Fisheries Biologist
333 Broadway Boulevard SE - Suite 115
Albuquerque, NM 87102
Phone: 505-724-3682

Current Research

Interested in the trophic dynamic theory and aquatic ecology, I am studying the effect of nutrients on algae community structure, and how different diatom communities affect the aquatic invertebrate communities which, in turn, affect Hybognathus amarus (Rio Grande silvery minnow) communities. I am also interested in the food preferences and feeding biomechanics of the silvery minnow as well as its feeding habits during different flow regimes. Another area of study is the effect of the outflow from wastewater treatment facilities on the nutrients, algae, aquatic invertebrates, and fish. I am also working to determine which diatom species the minnow prefer in order to provide as a food source in the Rio Grande.

Research Interests

I plan to examine the trophic cascade in creeks, streams, and rivers where the Forest Service is looking at introducing extirpated species of fish.


  • Humboldt State University, BS Fisheries, 1998
  • Texas A&M University, MS Mariculture, 2001
  • University of New Mexico, Ph.D. Biology, 2007

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