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Grizelle Gonzalez

Grizelle Gonzalez

Project Leader - Research Ecologist
International Institute of Tropical Forestry, Jardin Botanico Sur, 1201 Calle Ceiba
Rio Piedras, PR 00926
Phone: 787-764-7800
Fax: 787-766-6302

Curriculum vitae (73 KB PDF)

Current Research

Soil ecology, biology and biogeochemistry

Research Interests

Soils, decay, nutrient cycling, soil organims

Past Research

Earthworm ecology, soil biology and biogeochemistry


  • Department of Environmental, Population and Organismic (EPO) Biology, University of Colorado-Boulder, Ph.D. Soil ecology and biology. Dissertation: Soil fauna, microbes and plant litter decomposition in tropical and subalpine forests. , 1999
  • Department of Biology, University of Puerto Rico, M.Sc. Soil ecology. Thesis: Earthworm abundance and distribution pattern in two plant communities within a subtropical wet forest of Puerto Rico. , 1996
  • Department of Biology, University of Puerto Rico, B.S. Biology, 1993

Featured Publications & Products

Publications & Products

Research Highlights


A Canopy Trimming Experiment in Puerto Rico: the response of litter invertebrate communities to canopy loss and debris deposition in a tropical forest subject to hurricanes

Insects and other invertebrates in leaf litter are important components in decomposition, nutrient cycling, and food webs. As part of larger stu ...


Assessing Litterfall Trap Bias

Are traps preferentially representing certain kinds of leaf litter


Ecological Gradient Analyses in Tropical Ecosystems

Forest Service scientists recently published a book that contains a comprehensive analysis of ecological gradients in the Luquillo Mountains of ...


Integrating Research, Education, and Traditional Knowledge in Ecology

Integrating research and education is a fundamental goal of research institutions and agencies but specific approaches not widely published in e ...


Scientists Characterize Woody Debris to Assess Fuel Loads in Northeastern Puerto Rico

Forest Service scientists characterized the amounts of woody debris (coarse woody debris, fine woody debris, duff, and litter) for eight differe ...


The Role of Millipedes in Tropical Ecosystems

The direct and indirect effects on litter of varying lignin content


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