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Ellen Eberhardt

Technical Information Specialist
Pacific Wildland Fire Sciences Lab, c/o
3200 SW Jefferson Way, Corvallis, OR 97331
Phone: 541-750-7481
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Current Research

I work within the Fire and Environmental Research Applications Team (FERA) to make information available at all levels, from the local research community to the international fire management community. Our research can be found on the website:

Research Interests

My goal is to make fire, fuels, and climate change research knowledge available to a wide audience, while focusing on decisionmakers, land managers, and the international fire research community.

Past Research

I participate in all research activities of my team, often in different roles for each. I have worked with end users of software, assisted in software development, helped teach various software applications, and reviewed and edited scientific reports and journal articles. My work covers everything from the local area to the national and international arenas, most often in explaining what our work is and the value of it.

Why This Research is Important

Science knowledge transfer involves a complex series of pathways. Accurately explaining the developing science to a wide variety of interested parties, creating high-quality ways to teach users when and how to use tools and publications, and working on a variety of media at many scales (newsletters, governmental exhibits and fairs, Web sites, etc.) are some ways I help to transfer new research on fire, fuels, and climate change. The transfer of this knowledge is key to improving the ability of land managers and citizens to make decisions informed by the best possible science.

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