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David Seesholtz

David N. Seesholtz

Research Liaison
1249 S Vinnell Way
c/o Boise National Forest, Suite 200
United States

Phone: 208-373-4170
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Current Research

I am the lead for the NEPA for the 21st Century research initiative. As the Forest Service considers ways to improve the outcomes associated with its National Environment Policy Act (NEPA) process, the goal of my work is to provide information that will inform the development and management of this process. I am helping to identify elements of the process we may be able to improve, as well as elements that are unlikely to change. As we gain insight into individual activities within the NEPA process, we will also develop a holistic view of the agency's approach.

Research Interests

Natural resource risk management and decision making and their relationship to National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requirements.

Past Research

My past work has explored the social and economic impacts associated with natural resource management decisions. I have also studied the social impacts associated with the management of large fire incidents.

Why This Research is Important

Under NEPA, the Forest Service is required to perform environmental analyses for nearly all activities that entail active management of forests or rangelands. Complying with this law influences up to a quarter of the agency�s employees� and costs hundreds of millions of dollars annually. The ways the Forest Service has chosen to implement the legal mandates of NEPA are rooted in the historical legacy that created the agency and the culture that developed in its wake. There is a dichotomy of thought within the agency about whether to treat the implementation of NEPA as a tool for exploring the environmental and social implications of agency activities or as a task that is required before taking meaningful management actions.

Professional Experience

  • Team Leader - Research Liaison, Pacific Northwest Research Station. Focused Science Delivery Program
    2006 - Current
    Team Leader for research initiative on environmental policy and planning for the Forest Service titled NEPA for the 21st Century.

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