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David E. Hall

Itspec (Appsw)
1221 South Main Street
United States

Phone: 208-883-2332
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Current Research

I am the primary programmer creating the various online FS WEPP interfaces to the WEPP (soil erosion and sediment transport) computer program.

Research Interests

Online interfaces to physically-based models

Past Research

It is important to fisheries, drinking water sources, and other interests to keep the soil on the hillslopes and not have it overload streams. Modeling the effects on sediment delivery and other environmental factors from such activities and situations as roads, fires, and harvesting can assist in reducing deleterious effects on the environment. Having the models run on line allows access to all to the same modeling power.

Why This Research is Important

In past years, I worked primarily in developing slope stability simulation computer models and was one of three coordinators in developing the three-volume Slope Stability Reference Guide for National Forests in the United States. I have been involved in programming all three levels of analysis: Level I--LISA (Level I Stability Analysis) and DLISA,Level II--SARA (Stability Analysis for Road Access) and DSARA, and Level III--STABL3FW (the technology of which went into XSTABL).Hall, D.E.; Long, M.T.; Remboldt, M.D., editors. 1994. Slope Stability Reference Guide for National Forests in the United States. Publication EM-7170-13. U.S.F.S. Engineering Staff. 3 volumes, 1091 p.


  • University of Idaho, Computer Science, Mathematics ,
  • University of Idaho, Computer Science , 1992

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