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Dave E. Calkin

Research Forester
800 East Beckwith Avenue
Missoula, MT 59801
Phone: 406-542-4151
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Current Research

My research broadly focuses on economic aspects of wildland fire and fuels management with specific research interests including: 1) wildland fire risk assessment, 2) identification of values-at-risk to wildland fire, 3) decision support system development, 4) performance measurement of wildland fire suppression, 5) modeling and forecasting of wildfire suppression costs, and 6) social and managerial tradeoffs among resources affected by fire management

Research Interests

My research interest are in exploring opportunities where economic tools can be brought to bear to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of wiland fire management programs and incident decision making.

Past Research

Currently fire mangement represents approximately 45 percent of the USFS budget and significantly impacts the Agency's ability to meet its core goal of caring for the land and the people. A number of challenges restrict our ability to assure that fire management investments are economically justified. Risk assessment tools present opportunities to consistently measure the current effectiveness of fire management activities and economic analysis can inform appropriate investment structures to protect both developed and highly valued natural resources.

Why This Research is Important

1. Developed the Rapid Assessment of Values At Risk (RAVAR) model, the economic impact module of the Wildland Fire Decision Support System WFDSS. 2. Authored and co-authored several papers reviewing factors influencing fire and fuels mangement costs. 3. Primary Investigator of a study that resulted in the development of valuation tools for Burned Area Emergency Response teams. 4. Investigated issues associated with the cost and efficiency of biomass utilization and associated carbon impacts.


  • University of Virginia, BS Applied Mathematics, 1988
  • University of Montana, MS Natural Resource Conservation, 1994
  • Oregon State University, Ph.D. Economics, 2000

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