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Chris B. LeDoux

Supervisory Research Industrial Engineer
180 Canfield St.
Morgantown, WV 26505
Phone: 304-285-1572
Fax: 304-285-1505
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Current Research

Current research specifically focuses on the lack of synthesis/integration of the forest operations process for their selection and implementation to improve intermediate cuttings and structural retention harvests for Eastern hardwoods.

Research Interests

Future work will continue to use engineering economics to assess/integrate the opportunity/capital recovery costs of managing/not managing streamside management/riparian buffer zones, patch/structural retention treatments, meeting old growth/late succession objectives, and addressing the economic, social, and environmental impacts of using wood for energy in the Northeast. An exciting emerging area is that of dealing with all aspects of invasive organism's impacts on forests. Future work in this area will focus on a complete systems approach for the tools and techniques to control invasive species, safety considerations, cost analysis, and the opportunity/capital recovery costs and benefits associated with invasive species prevention and control or the lack of such.

Why This Research is Important

Society is increasingly demanding more of forests for wood products (veneer, sawlogs, pulpwood, fuelwood, biomass for energy, etc.) and ecological values (forest biodiversity, fish and game, water quality, continual ground cover, etc.). Thus, managers need better information about the operational costs to assess the tradeoffs involved in managing for ecological values. The research in this area could also improve guidelines by identifying how to minimize economic and silvicultural costs of any type of intermediate cutting or structural retention, at any level.


  • Oregon State University, Ph.D. Forest Engineering/Industrial Engineering/Operations Research,
  • Oregon State University, MS Forest Engineering/Statistics,
  • University of Idaho, BS Forest Management/Computer Science,

Professional Experience

  • Adjunct Professor, Dept of Industrial Management Systems Engineering, West Virginia Univ.
    1990 - 2012

Professional Organizations

  • Xi Sigma Pi
  • Forest Resources Association
  • Council of Forest Engineering
  • American Society of Industrial Engineers
  • IUFRO Harvesting Group
  • NFS Region 8 and 9 Planning Team
  • American Forests Association
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • National Arbor Day Foundation
  • National Hardwood Lumber Association
  • American Society of Agricultural Engineers
  • Society of American Foresters

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Publications & Products

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