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Christopher G. Hunt

Christopher G. Hunt

Research Chemist
One Gifford Pinchot Drive
United States

Phone: 608-231-9521
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Current Research

Developing new probes for spatially profiling the reactive oxygen species used by fungi during wood degradation.

Understanding how infiltration of adhesives into cell walls along a bond line changes the properties of those cell walls, and how this influences adhesive performance.

Investigating ways to improve the performance on clear coatings on wood in exterior environments by manipulation of the wood substrate, rather than the finish.

Understanding mechanisms of sealant failure.

Research Interests

  • Probes for quantitative mapping of reactive oxidants during wood decay
  • Understanding the structure of wood and how this structure influences wood properties
  • Interaction of wood with water, chemicals, and treatments
    • Adhesive interactions and durability
    • Coating interactions and durability
    • Sealant interactions and durability
    • Properties of modified wood and their interactions with adhesives and coating

I am interested in how the structure of wood cells influences the properties of wood and their interactions with other materials such as adhesives, coatings, sealants, water, or degradation agents. Understanding how these different materials interact with wood requires a deep understanding of wood itself. Therefore I am involved in fundamental studies of wood structure. Understanding the fine structure of wood provides clues as to how we can improve performance of wood based materials.

In order to understand the chemical mechanisms used by fungi to deconstruct lignocellulose, I am developing fluorescent sensors capable of making micron scale maps of reactive oxidants produced by fungi. My main collaborator on this project is Kenneth Hammel (FPL and U of Wisconsin).

Past Research

Soy based adhesives: thermal and moisture properties

Mechanism of Biopulping (fungal treatment of wood chips before converting them paper)

Aging of paper

3D molding of pulp

Why This Research is Important

My research on wood properties allows companies to produce better quality, less expensive traditional wood products for American consumers. I also develop knowledge which will enables industry to create whole new materials from wood. This makes American forest products more attractive, bringing jobs and income to rural America while utilizing an abundant domestic renewable resource.


  • University of Wisconsin - Madison, Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry 2006
  • University of Wisconsin - Madison, B.S. Physics and Mathematics Secondary Education 1991

Professional Experience

  • Research Chemist, Forest Products Laboratory
    2005 - Current
  • Research Support, Forest Products Laboratory
    1993 - 2004

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Research Highlights


Centennial Edition, Wood Handbook—Wood as an Engineering Material

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Success of Wood Veneers Influenced by Harvesting Season and Temperature: Plywood Performance and Failure: A New Understanding

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