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Photo of Bob Westfall

Robert Westfall

Statistician Biology
800 Buchanan Street
United States

Phone: 510-559-6438

Current Research

Much of my work has focused on the spatial genetic and demographic structures of plant populations, with an eye towards developing management and conservation strategies. In particular, I have studied fine-scale autocorrelation patterns and broad-scale multilocus patterns. Along with my colleagues, Connie Millar, John King, and Diane Delany, I have studied tree ring growth and population histories for western white pine species in relation to climates changes over the past 4000 years. And with Connie Millar, I have been studying rock-ice forms and their impacts on ecosystem functioning in alpine environments.

I also assist B. Kinloch on analyses of Cronartium ribicola population genetic structure and the analysis of slow rusting resistance to Cronartium ribicola. in sugar pine and western white pine.


  • Michigan State University, Plant Physiology and Genetics , 1972
  • Michigan State University, Forestry , 1967


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