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Bryan Tirrell

1048 North St.
United States

Phone: 413-534-7862
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Current Research

  • I work on biophysical aspects of water and solute transport in plants at the cellular, tissue, organ, and whole plant level. I am interested in how plants are designed to transport water in the xylem, carbohydrates in the phloem, symplasmic transport of organic and ionic solutes between cells, and transmembrane transport at the cellular level.
  • I have pioneered work on how drought stress impacts the ability of plants to transport water through xylem disfunction due to cavitation events and embolism of xylem conduits that impairs the efficiency of water transport. I am interested in how hydraulic efficiency of trees limits tree performance, i.e., gas exchange, growth rate, and carbon gain.

Research Interests

  • I am working with a team of French scientists at the INRA to study the ecophysiology of tropical trees in French Guiana.
  • I engaged in an extensive cooperative project (5-year contract) with the University of Alberta to work on the impact of drought and freezing stresses on the growth of trees in general and the application of this knowledge to tree improvement and agroforestry.


  • Pomona College, B.S. physical chemistry
  • Cambridge University, Ph.D. plant biophysics

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