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Brian W. Geils

Research Plant Pathologist
2500 South Pine Knoll Drive
United States

Phone: 928-556-2076
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Current Research

I plan, conduct, and synthesize research that describes and tests hypotheses on:(1) the biogeography and ecology of plant pathogens and (2) the epidemiology of forest diseases affecting wildland trees and shrubs in forest and woodland ecosystems of the Interior West.

Research Interests

My major interests are to (1) describe the natural history of the pine stem rusts in terms of biogeography, phylogeny, life cycle, epidemiology, and ecology; (2) describe the growth and survival of western conifers infected by dwarf mistletoes and the consequences of infestation to host mortality and regeneration; and (3) describe the distributions and trajectories of aspen populations with a decline syndrome.

Past Research

This research is important to develop and promote use of scientifically-sound information for adaptive management of western forests and woodlands in which plant pathogens and forest diseases are recognized and treated along with fire and climate as significant and interacting factors that control ecosystem dynamics and resilience.

Why This Research is Important

1. Effects and epidemiology of comandra blister rust in the central Rocky Mountains2. Silvicultural control of dwarf mistletoe under even-aged forest management3. New approaches in forest pathology for ecosystem management: Disturbance ecology4. Biology, pathology, and ecology of dwarf mistletoes5.Biology of Loranthaceae and Viscaceae6 Dwarf mistletoe epidemiology: Modeling spread and intensification7. Biogeography and genetic structure of the stem rusts of pine8. Hazard rating for white pine blister rust in the Interior West9. White pines, Ribes and blister rust: a review and synthesis


  • Utah State University, Logan, Wildlife Biology , 1975
  • University of Idaho, Moscow, Forest Science , 1979
  • Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Botany and Plant Pathology , 1984

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