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Amy E. Daniels

National Program Lead for Landscape Science
1601 N. Kent Street
Arlington, VA 22209
Phone: 703-605-5251
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Research Interests

land use and land cover change, landscape pattern, land-use decision making, ecosystem services, landscape-scale ecosystem functions, ecosystem services, resilience, complex adaptive systems, integrated landscape analysis tools 

Past Research

Hall, J.M., T. Van Holt, A.E. Daniels, V. Balthazar, and E.F. Lambin. 2012. Trade-offs between tree cover, carbon storage and floristic biodiversity in reforesting landscapes. Landscape Ecology 27: 1135-1147.

Daniels, A.E., L.A. Joyce, and L. Langner. 2012. Future scenarios technical document supporting the 2010 RPA Assessment. USDA Forest Service. Gen. Tech. Rep. RMRS – 272. Ft. Collins, CO 34 p.

Daniels, A.E., J.F. Morrison, L.A. Joyce, S.C. Chen, N.L. Crookston, and S.G. McNulty. 2012. Climate Projections FAQ. USDA Forest Service. Gen. Tech. Rep. RMRS - 277. Ft. Collins, CO. 32 p.

Hines, S., and A.E. Daniels, 2011. Forest Stewardship and Climate Change. US Forest Service Climate Change Resource Center.

Tkacz, B., H. Brown, A. E. Daniels, et al. 2011. National Roadmap for Responding to Climate Change. U.S.Forest Service (FS-957b). February 2011.

Daniels, A.E., V. Esposito, K. Bagstad, et al. 2010. Understanding the impacts of Costa Rica’s PES: Are we asking the right questions? Ecological Economics 69(11): 2116-2126.

Farley, J., A. Aquino, A.E. Daniels, et al. 2010. Global mechanisms for sustaining and enhancing schemes of payments for environmental services. Ecological Economics 69(11): 2075-2084.

Daniels, A.E. 2010. Forest expansion in northwest Costa Rica: conjuncture of the global market, land-use intensification and forest protection. In Nagendra, H. and J. Southworth, editors. Reforesting Landscapes: Linking Pattern and Process. Springer, New York, New York, USA.

Daniels, A.E. and G. Cumming. 2008. Conservation or conversion? Understanding wetland change in northwest Costa Rica. Ecological Applications 18(1): 49-63.

Daniels, A.E., K. Painter, and J. Southworth. 2008. Milpa imprint on the tropical dry forest landscape in Yucatan, Mexico: remote sensing and field measurement of edge vegetation. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 123: 293-304.

Daniels, A.E. 2006. Incorporating domain knowledge and spatial relationships into land cover classification: a rule-based approach. International Journal of Remote Sensing 27(14): 2949-2975.

Daniels, A.E. 2005. Conservation: a balance. Introduction and framework for innovation. Ecology 86(10): 2841-2844.


  • University of Florida, PhD Interdisciplinary Ecology (concentration in human-environment geography), 2009
  • Wesleyan College, BA Biology, 1999

Awards & Recognition

  • Superior Performance, 2012
    FY13 President's Budget, detail assignment to Strategic Planning, Budget and Accountability

Featured Publications & Products

  • Daniels, A.E.; Morrison, J.F.; Joyce, L.A.; Crookston, N.L.; Chen, S.C.; McNulty, S.G. 2012. Climate projections FAQ.

Publications & Products

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