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Ann M. Abbott

Student Trainee, Forestry
1221 South Main Street
United States

Phone: 208-882-3557
Fax: 208-883-2318
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Current Research

My current research entails developing empirical models for number and diameter of branches in conifers from uneven aged, mixed species stands; developing models conifer crown biomass components; and working with longterm datasets relating tree growth to climate.   I am also working with the data collected through the National Forest Soils Disturbance Monitoring Protocol both for validation of the visual indicators and comparisons over time of results of monitoring work, as well as the national database development and ongoing improvement of the FSDMP itself.

Research Interests

My research interests have a grounding in statistical analysis and techniques, particularly in innovative uses of current methodology as well as expanding methods into new ways with a forestry foundation.  I am particularly interested in multi-scale research and techniques for analyzing data where response variables are measured on different scales than predictors and where the variability within predictors is a key factor.  Incorporating results of my research into forest growth models that are valid and robust is a further interest that I plan to continue with as my career develops.

Past Research

Prior to coming to the Rocky Mountain Research Station, I worked on a variety of research projects including psychometrics research on university students' mathematics education, investigations into variance components estimators from mixed effects modeling using human twin genetics simulation modeling, population abundance and distribution of westslope cutthroat trout related to forest management, and Pacific salmon smolt survival and passage through Columbia River dams both using fyke net studies and with the development and initial studies of the surface collection system developed at Rocky Reach Dam in Wenatchee, WA.

Professional Experience

  • Program Evaluator and Instructor, Polya Mathematics Center, University of Idaho
    2001 - 2003
    The Polya Mathematics Center was started in 2001 as an innovative way to deliver mathematics education to university students at the college algebra and pre-calculus level. I was involved in the development of the program and curriculum and for evaluating the efficacy of the program in terms of student success in learning the material. Initially the evaluation focused on intensive information gathering with the purpose of developing the most effective teaching system, followed by a period of examining success rates and eventually moving on to analyses of success rates in downstream courses with mathematics as pre-requisites.
  • Statistics Assistance Center Coordinator and Instructor, Department of Statistics, University of Idaho
    1999 - 2001
    In this position I was the overall coordinator of the University of Idaho Statistics Assistance Center, which primarily offered individualized assistance and tutoring to students taking U of I Statistics Courses. I was responsible for scheduling, training and supervising Statistics TAs who also tutored within the center and for coordination with professors as to curricula and teaching methods. During my tenure I also consulted with graduate students to offer research assistance as well as tutoring in graduate level Statistics Courses. The coordinator position was a half time position, with the other half of my time spent teaching statistics courses at U of I from 100 through graduate level.

Professional Organizations

  • Society Of American Foresters, State Society Treasurer (2006 - Current)
    I have been a member of the IESAF Executive Committee for 7 years as the State Treasurer. As such I am responsible for all accounting. I have also been an active member supporting meeting organization, as well as a consistent member of smaller working committee within the EC.

Awards & Recognition

  • Recognition, 2010
    Certificate of appreciation for "substantial contributions in the development of the National Soil Quality Monitoring Protocol and Employee Training in the Southern Region"
  • Award, 2007
    National Field Soil Scientist Award

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