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NameOrganizational CodeOrganizational
Job Title
Arthaud, Greg °WO-LRESR Landscape Restoration & Ecosystem Services Research National Leader, Ecosystem Services Research
Barrett, JoAnne P. °SRS-4552 Insects, Diseases, and Invasive Plants Biological Resarch Technician
D'Amore, David V. °PNW-2663 Land and Watershed Management Research Soil Scientist
Dockry, Mike °NRS-15 The Strategic Foresight Group Research Natural Resource Specialist
Flores, David °RMRS-4853 Human Dimensions Research Social Scientist
Gobster, Paul H. °NRS-9 People and Their Environments: Social Science Supporting Natural Resource Management and Policy Research Landscape Architect
Goeking, Sara A. °RMRS-4801 Inventory and Monitoring Biological Scientist
Holmes, Thomas P. °SRS-4804 Forest Economics and Policy Research Forester
Huff, Emily S. °NRS-FIA Forest Inventory & Analysis Research Forester
Lake, Frank K. °PSW-FF Fire and Fuels Program Research Ecologist
May, Dennis M. °Program Manager, FIA
McGinley, Kathleen °IITF-4151 International Institute of Tropical Forestry Research Social Scientist
Mockrin, Miranda H. °RMRS-4853 Human Dimensions Research Scientist
Parrotta, John A. °WO-DCO Deputy Chief's Office Program Leader, International Forest Science Issues
Poland, Therese M. °NRS-3 Ecology and Management of Invasive Species and Forest Ecosystems Project Leader / Research Entomologist
Rustad, Lindsey °NRS-7 Center for Research on Ecosystem Change Team Leader / Research Ecologist
Schelhas, John °SRS-4952 Integrating Human and Natural Systems Research Forester
Schwartz, Michael K. °RMRS-4256 Wildlife and Terrestrial Ecosystems Director, National Genomics Center for Wildlife and Fish Conservation
Sing, Sharlene E. °RMRS-4255 Grassland, Shrubland and Desert Ecosystems Research Entomologist
Spetich, Marty °SRS-4157 Upland Hardwood Ecology and Management Research Forest Ecologist
Stark, Nicole M. °FPL-4706 Engineered Composites Science Research Chemical Engineer
Svendsen, Erika °NRS-9 People and Their Environments: Social Science Supporting Natural Resource Management and Policy Research Social Scientist
Thompson, Matthew P. °RMRS-4853 Human Dimensions Research Forester
Williams, Daniel R. °RMRS-4853 Human Dimensions Research Social Scientist
Winter, Patricia L. L. °PSW-UESD Urban Ecosystems and Social Dynamics Program Research Social Scientist


° Signifies R&D Researcher.
Bolded/Italicized represents supervisory position.