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NameOrganizational CodeOrganizational
Job Title
Adams, Mary Beth °NRS-3 Ecology and Management of Invasive Species and Forest Ecosystems Research Soil Scientist
Amatya, Devendra M. °SRS-4353 Forest Watershed Science Research Hydrologist
Elliot, William J. °RMRS-4354 Air, Water and Aquatic Environments Research Civil Engineer & Director's Representative
Flather, Curtis H. °RMRS-4853 Human Dimensions Research Ecologist
Flores, David °RMRS-4853 Human Dimensions Research Social Scientist
Gould, William A. °IITF-4151 International Institute of Tropical Forestry Research Ecologist
Holmes, Thomas P. °SRS-4804 Forest Economics and Policy Research Forester
Lister, Tonya °NRS-FIA Forest Inventory & Analysis Research Forester
McKean, James (Jim) A. °RMRS-4354 Air, Water and Aquatic Environments Research Geomorphologist
Pye, John M. °WO-KMC Knowledge Management & Communications Program Specialist, R&D Internet Content
Rhoades, Charles (Chuck) C. °RMRS-4354 Air, Water and Aquatic Environments Research Biogeochemist
Skog, Kenneth E. °FPL-4851 Economics, Statistics and Life Cycle Analysis Research Supervisory Research Forester
Wear, David N. °SRS-HQ Station Headquarters - Asheville, NC Project Leader


° Signifies R&D Researcher.
Bolded/Italicized represents supervisory position.