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NameOrganizational CodeOrganizational
Job Title
Apple, DainaWO-SQS Science Quality Services Director, Science Quality Services
Arnold, Ross °WO-RUS Resource Use Sciences Resource Analyst
Arthaud, Greg °WO-RUS Resource Use Sciences Acting National Program Leader Economics Research
Banegas, DianeWO-DC Deputy Chief Public Affairs Specialist
Bentrup, Gary °WO-4352 National Agroforestry Center Res. Landscape Planner
Blue, ReneeWO-DC Deputy Chief Budget Analyst
Brevard, TanyaWO-FMS Forest Management Sciences
Brown, HutchWO-PA Policy Analysis Policy Analyst
Buford, Marilyn °WO-FMS Forest Management Sciences Silviculture Research National Program Leader
Burke, Marianne K. °WO-SQS Science Quality Services Strategic Management Systems Leader
Carlson, JerryWO-DC Deputy Chief National Engineer for Research and Development
Carman, Richard °WO-4352 National Agroforestry Center Biological Tech
Chan, CaritaWO-SQS Science Quality Services ORISE Fellow - Web Communications
Cline, Keith °WO-4352 National Agroforestry Center Program Manager
Ding, TerryWO-SQS Science Quality Services
Dosskey, Mike °WO-4352 National Agroforestry Center Res. Riparian Ecologist
Ferguson, HildaWO-DC Deputy Chief Resource Information Manager
Fox, HerrickWO-PA Policy Analysis Policy Analyst
Guldin, Richard W. °WO-QS Quantitative Sciences Director, Quantitative Sciences
Haan, Tara J.WO-FMS Forest Management Sciences ORISE Fellow, Wildland Fire Specialist
Hammond, NancyWO-4352 National Agroforestry Center Secretary
Hayes, Deborah C. °WO-ES Environmental Sciences National Program Leader, Watershed and Soil Research
Heath, Linda S. °WO-FMS Forest Management Sciences Research Forester
Hinnant, BrendaWO-DC Deputy Chief Budget Technician
Issa, MohamedWO-SQS Science Quality Services IT Support
Jackson, AngelaWO-DC Deputy Chief Staff Assistant to the Director of FMS
James, Maurice WO-DC Deputy Chief Staff Assistant
Johnson, Randy °WO-FMS Forest Management Sciences National Program Leader Genetics and Global Change Research
Jones, LindaWO-DC Deputy Chief Budget Analyst
Justus, ChristinaWO-SQS Science Quality Services Contractor, eResearch Program Manager, ISSC
Kellerman, Todd °WO-4352 National Agroforestry Center Biologist
Kent, Diana L.WO-DC Deputy Chief Executive Assistant to Deputy Chief for R&D
Lange, WilliamWO-PA Policy Analysis
Langner, Linda °WO-QS Quantitative Sciences RPA Assessment National Program Leader
Larry, Elizabeth °WO-RUS Resource Use Sciences National Program Lead, Urban Research
Leak-Garcia, JanetWO-PA Policy Analysis Policy Analysis Policy Analyst
Lederle, DarylWO-PA Policy Analysis Policy Analyst
Lucero, CarlWO-RUS Resource Use Sciences Director
MacFarland, Katherine WO-FMS Forest Management Sciences Program Specialist
McDonald, Barbara °WO-SQS Science Quality Services Social Scientist
Milan, CarlosWO-SQS Science Quality Services ORISE Fellow - Science Delivery and Communications
Morgan, TabithaWO-PA Policy Analysis Policy Analyst
Nieh, World °WO-RUS Resource Use Sciences National Program Lead for Forest Products
Nunez, HectorWO-SQS Science Quality Services
Parker, Sharon °WO-SQS Science Quality Services Strategic Planning & Assessment Analyst
Parrotta, John °WO-QS Quantitative Sciences National Research Program Leader, International Science Issues
Patel, Amit, R.WO-FMS Forest Management Sciences HACU intern
Patel-Weynand, ToralWO-ES Environmental Sciences Acting Director Quantitative Sciences Staff & Environmental Sciences Staff
Pouyat, Richard °WO-ES Environmental Sciences Research Forester
Pye, John °WO-SQS Science Quality Services Program Specialist, eResearch
Reams, Greg °WO-QS Quantitative Sciences FIA National Program Leader
Reaves, Jimmy L. °WO-DC Deputy Chief Deputy Chief of Research and Development
Robertson, Guy °WO-QS Quantitative Sciences Sustainability Program Leader
Rodriguez-Franco, Carlos °WO-DC Deputy Chief Associate Deputy Chief
Rollins, Matthew, G. °WO-FMS Forest Management Sciences National Program Leader, Wildland Fire and Fuels R&D
Rosen, Howard WO-RUS Resource Use Sciences
Sanchez, FelipeWO-DC Deputy Chief Budget Coordinator for Research and Development
Schoeneberger, Michele °WO-4352 National Agroforestry Center Research Program Lead and Soil Scientist
Schramer, Linda WO-SQS Science Quality Services Patents Specialist
Smith, Brad °WO-QS Quantitative Sciences Research Forester
Smith, GaleWO-QS Quantitative Sciences Staff Assistant, QS
Stein, Susan °WO-4352 National Agroforestry Center Private Forest Studies Coordinator
Stockhausen, Janet °WO-SQS Science Quality Services Patent Advisor
Straight, Richard °WO-4352 National Agroforestry Center Technology Transfer Leader
Stuart, Kirsten °WO-4352 National Agroforestry Center Support Services Specialist
Tomosy, Monica °WO-FMS Forest Management Sciences Assistant Director, Research
Vandersluis, AmieWO-SQS Science Quality Services Contractor - ISSC
West, Cynthia °WO-DC Deputy Chief Associate Deputy Chief
Whitteker, CatherineWO-SQS Science Quality Services Staff Assistant
Williams, Mary °WO-RUS Resource Use Sciences Executive Assistant


° Signifies R&D Researcher.
Bolded/Italicized represents supervisory position.