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Directory Listing


Below are the 22 members of the Eastern Forest Environmental Threat Assessment Center program (SRS-4854). Click here to view the entire R&D Directory.

Cooper, ValerieAdministrative Support Assistant919-549-4014NC
Boggs, Johnny °Biological Scientist919-513-2973NC
Gavazzi, Michael °Biological Scientist919-515-2916AL
Hoagland, Serra °Biological Scientist928-556-2190AZ
Christie, Bill °Biological Scientist828-257-4370
Lee, Danny °Center Director
R&D Affiliations:

Station Headquarters - Asheville, NC SRS-HQ

Wiener, SarahClimate Hub Fellow919-515-9490NC
McNulty, Steven °Director, USDA Southeast Regional Climate Hub919-515-9489NC
Brooks, Bjorn °Ecologist828-257-4850NC
Pomara, Lars °Ecologist828-257-4357NC
Treasure, Emrys °Forestry Technician919-513-2974NC
Cobb, JohnInformation Technology Specialist919-513-2975NC
Burgess, GinnyManagement Analyst828-257-4354
Koch, Frank °Research Ecologist919-549-4006NC
Guo, Qinfeng °Research Ecologist919-549-4043NC
Norman, Steve °Research Ecologist828-259-0535NC
Hargrove, William °Research Ecologist828-257-4846NC
Riitters, Kurt °Research Ecologist & Team Leader919-549-4015NC
Sun, Ge °Research Hydrologist919-515-9498NC
Cohen Mack, ErikaResource Information Spec.919-513-3189NC
Moore Myers, Jennifer Resource Information Specialist919-515-9497NC
Worley-Firley, Stephanie °biological science information specialist828-257-4380NC


° Signifies R&D Researcher.
Bolded/Italicized represents supervisory position.