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Directory Listing


Below are the 32 members of the Center for Bottomland Hardwoods Research program (SRS-4155). Click here to view the entire R&D Directory.

Jenkins, CathyAdmiinstrative Assistant662-234-2744MS
Marshall, BrendaAdministrative Support Assistant662-686-3152MS
Adams, Susan °Aquatic Ecologist-Team Leader662-234-2744 x267MS
Lancaster, AaronBiological Science Laboratory Technician662-686-3157MS
Smith, CarlBiological Science Technician662-686-3173MS
Oberle, CharisseBiological Science Technician662-686-3186MS
Bland, MickeyBiological Science Technician662-234-2744MS
Burke, BryceBiological Science Technician - Plants662-686-3179MS
Worsham, Mike °Chemist662-686-3172MS
Haag, Wendell R. °Fisheries Research Biologist502-573-0330 x228KY
Williams, JustinForestry Technician662-325-8006MS
Kirk, ChrisForestry Technician662-686-3183
Walker, CharlesForestry Technician, Research662-686-3156MS
Yocum, Chad °Hydrologist501-623-1180 x107NC
McWhirter, GordonHydrology Technician662-234-2744MS
Moran, MattHyrologic Technician662-325-0534MS
Henderson, GayleIT Specialist662-234-2744 x247MS
Choice, Zanethia °Natural Resource Specialist662-234-2744 x268MS
Meadows, Steve °Principal Silviculturist662-686-3168MS
Leininger, Theodor D. °Project Leader/Research Plant Pathologist
R&D Affiliations:

Station Headquarters - Asheville, NC SRS-HQ

Byler, PennyProject Secretary662-686-3154MS
Warren, Mel °Research Biologist, Certified Fisheries Scientist662-234-2744MS
Hawkins, Tracy °Research Ecologist662-325-2145MS
Devall, Margaret °Research Ecologist - Team Leader662-686-3161MS
Schiff, Nathan °Research Entomologist662-686-3175MS
Lockhart, Brian °Research Forester662-686-3171MS
Gardiner, Emile °Research Forester - Team Leader662-686-3184MS
Marion, Dan °Research Hydrologist501-623-1180 x104AR
Ouyang, Ying °Research Hydrologist662-325-8654MS
Wilson, A. Dan °Research Plant Pathologist662-686-3180MS
Baldwin, Timothy E. °Research Wildlife Biologist662-234-2744 x242MS
De Steven, Diane °Scientist Emerita662-686-3154SC


° Signifies R&D Researcher.
Bolded/Italicized represents supervisory position.