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Directory Listing


Below are the 22 members of the Administrative program (PNW-ADMIN). Click here to view the entire R&D Directory.

Lumbab, ElleryAdministrative Assistant907-586-8811 x221AK
Rode, DannaAdministrative Officer541-962-6524OR
Maverick, SandraAdministrative Operations Assistant360-753-7658WA
Menorath, ShawnAdministrative Support Assistant
R&D Affiliations:

Goods, Services, and Values PNW-2665

Mullen, TimAdministrative Support Assistant360-753-7725WA
Mounter, CherylAdministrative Support Clerk509-664-1700WA
Kelly, LesleyAssistant Station Director, Administration
R&D Affiliations:

Station Director Office PNW-2600

Chrastil, HowardCustodian541-750-7253OR
Wing, GinaIT Specialist206-732-7821WA
Hesser, RandyMaintenance Manager907-586-7926AK
Carmody, CharlesMaintenance Worker509-664-1714WA
Turner, LeroyMaintenance Worker360-753-7713WA
Gleason, BrendaOffice Automation Assistant541-962-6541OR
Gay, BrendaOffice Automation Assistant541-750-7375OR
Willis, YolandaOffice Automation Assistant503-808-2000OR
Howell, DianaOffice Automation Clerk503-808-2124
O'Neal, ChristyOffice Automation Clerk/Receptionist541-758-8819OR
Bochynski, ElizabethOperations Specialist907-586-7803AK
Barrus, BobPlumber’s Assistant541-750-7254OR
Merner, DanielSupervisor, AC Equip Mechanic541-750-7253OR
Hutton, ElcineSupervisory Administrative Support Assistant541-962-6570OR
Saner, SherrieSupport Services Supervisor907-586-7802AK


° Signifies R&D Researcher.
Bolded/Italicized represents supervisory position.