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Directory Listing


Below are the 22 members of the Station Director Office program (PNW-2600). Click here to view the entire R&D Directory.

Kelly, LesleyAssistant Station Director, Administration503-808-2102
Avila, RobertAsst. Station Engineer360-891-5217WA
Connolly, JeanetteBudget Analyst503-808-2114
Won, PhillipBudget Analyst503-808-2117
Richardson-Dodge, SherriCivil Rights Director503-808-2616OR
Steel, AshleyEcological Statistician206-732-7823
Holcomb, Karen Executive Assistant503-808-2123
LaMedica, RachelExecutive Assistant to the Station Director503-808-2101
Prebble, Mary °Financial Analyst505-563-7437NM
Bui, ChristinaGrants & Agreement Specialist503-808-2239
Kulbitsky, WilliamGrants & Agreements Specialist503-808-2111
Conley, TanesiaHuman Resources Specialist503-808-2447
Verhunc, TammyManagement & Program Analyst503-808-2425OR
Cunningham, PatMathematical Statistician541-750-7271OR
Smith, KatherineNational Program Coordinator703-605-4184VA
Tkacz, BorysNational Program Manager Forest Health Monitoring703-605-5343VA
Mounts, DanielleOffice Automation Assistant503-808-2124OR
Wuethrich, JeffreyProgram Analyst503-808-2709OR
Gravenmier, BeckyScience Coordinator - Planning503-808-2851OR
Mangold, RobertStation Director503-808-2100OR
Hayes, LorraineSupport Services Specialist503-808-2535
Ta, Vi503-808-2107


° Signifies R&D Researcher.
Bolded/Italicized represents supervisory position.